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Canceling a reservation at is as fast and easy as booking one.

We would love to have you but in case your plans change, our simple cancellation process makes sure you receive a quick confirmation and fast refunds.

We do not charge cancellation fees for bookings canceled before 12 noon (local hotel time) 15 days from the date of arrival. However, for reservations canceled (late cancellation) within 15 days of arrival, post 12 noon (local hotel time) or in case of a non-arrival on the date of check-in, the total stay charges in full or equivalent to the deposit made (whichever is higher) will be levied.

Cancellation policy during black-out period

20th December to 5th January - no cancellation charge if canceled before 90 days from the date of arrival, thereafter total stay in full or 100% deposit will be charged.

Cancellations during the stay

In case you decide to shorten your booking post the check-in date, you will be charged for the entire stay for which the reservation was originally made for.


In case of a reservation canceled outside the 15 day period from the date of arrival, the refund will be processed within 15 working days from the date of receipt of bank account details from the customer.(not valid for black-out period)

Credit card transaction or processing fee if any will be deducted from the refund.

Refunds will be processed in local currency only.



Refund for late cancellations

No refund will be processed for late cancellations (cancellations received within 15 days from the arrival date) or for the no-shows on the date of arrival in any case whatsoever.

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