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Villas in Bali - Blissful Bali Hideaways: Unveiling the Epitome of Luxury Villas

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Want to take a break from work? Need an awesome solo trip? Trying to surprise your spouse with the perfect romantic holiday? No matter what you want, we’ll make your wishes come true.

Welcome to our stunning villas, where the beauty of Balinese design blends harmoniously with Mediterranean influences. Our villas offer a unique and unforgettable experience, showcasing a captivating fusion of architectural styles.

Come and embark on a journey of relaxation, rejuvenation, and discovery as we invite you to experience the perfect blend of luxury and serene in our exceptional

Paddy Field View with the villas beside the fields
Beautiful Paddy Fields

Explore our five villas for every occasion and mood named after Indonesian words
  1. Our Villas

    1. Satu – Indonesian word for ONE

    2. Dua – Indonesian word for TWO

    3. Tiga – Indonesian word for THREE

    4. Empat – Indonesian word for FOUR

    5. Lima – Indonesian word for FIVE

  2. Amenities you’ll die for (What’s unique about us?)

  3. Reach us out NOW!

Do you crave unmatched luxury and allure? Discover why Kokomo Villas is the perfect choice.

Our customers absolutely adore our villas for countless reasons. From the moment they step inside, they are captivated by the uniqueness we present. The spaciousness of each villa, achieved through clever use of space, never fails to impress. Our guests revel in the luxury of their private terraces and sit-out areas, where they can soak in the stunning views and unwind in serenity.


  • I had the chance to escape from the hustle bustle of city life in Kokomo Villas.

- Daniel C

  • Villas were beautifully curated and managed by an excellent team that made our stay smooth and enjoyable.

  • Will definitely be back to Kokomo and highly recommend this villa to those visiting Bali and looking for a lux stay!

- Firdaus Ramlie

  • Great two room villa with private pool, quite new, simple but very functional furnishings, very good Wi-Fi, staff very friendly, competent and helpful, location very good for a quick drive away from Canggu.

  • We really enjoyed our time again and would book this accommodation again at any time.

- Michael Schauer

94 out of 100 customers loved their stay in our villas and had one of their best experiences.

Experience our villas' eclectic mix of Balinese and Mediterranean design, offering space, calmness, and exploration.

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Mesmerizing 2BR in Umalas with Pool

A nuclear family on a getaway? This is your paradise right here.

Satu is our villa number one. It is our most spacious villa with two bedrooms and a living room. Each bedroom features naturally lit bathrooms. In addition, there is a spacious living room, a kitchenette, a manicured lawn, private pool and a private sit out area to soak in the stunning views of the paddy fields.

This is what you'll get in your stay

  • Romantic ambiance with neutral tones and tropical décor

  • Scenic sit-out area overlooking paddy fields

  • Premier villa with 2 bedrooms

  • Outdoor relaxation area

  • Spacious kitchenette

  • Bright living room

  • Sunlit bathrooms

  • Private pool

Relax on your semi outdoor living room while watching your Netflix favorite shows or on your sun-lounger by the pool while absorbing the sun energy. A perfect way to enjoy life in Bali!

Gorgeous Kokomo Villa with Romantic Atmosphere

Up for a mesmerising view of your lifetime? This place is for you

Our second villa celebrates the monsoon of Bali. The light grey interior with trees is reminiscent of the mist that gathers and covers the trees.

This is what you'll get in your stay

  • Enchanting atmosphere for creating unforgettable memories

  • Tranquil ambiance inspired by Bali's monsoon season

  • Light grey interior with tree patterns

  • Cozy living room with kitchenette

  • Breath-taking sunset views

  • Private pool and terrace

  • Delightful kid's room

  • Single bedroom

The villa includes a single bedroom with a living room kitchenette and a kids room. It has a private pool and terrace to soak in the views of the breathtaking Sunsets.

2 BR Tropical Themed Kokomo Villa with Santorini Vibe

Want to make your honeymoon even more romantic? We absolutely got your wish.

Our third villa represents the cheerfulness and open-hearted ways of Bali's people. The all-white décor will remind you of Santorini. The villa features a single bedroom, a living room kitchenette and and an additional bed room with a single bed.

  • Single bedroom

  • Private pool for relaxation

  • Living room with kitchenette

  • Additional bedroom with a single bed

  • Luxurious in-suite bathroom with a bathtub

  • Kitchenette with coffee maker, stovetop, and full-size fridge

  • Private rooftop with romantic mood and stunning rice field views

Relax on your uniquely-shaped sofa while reading books that are provided in your living room. Or sit around by the pool while sipping a glass of wine. A perfect way to enjoy life in Bali!

Mesmerizing 2BR in Umalas with Pool

Come join us to have a traditional feel.

Our fourth villa represents the cheerfulness and open-hearted ways of Bali's people. The all-white decor will remind you of Mediterranean vibe.

  • Single bedroom

  • Private pool for ultimate indulgence

  • Spacious living room with kitchenette

  • Additional room with a cozy single bed

  • Charming terrace for relaxation and enjoyment

  • Delightful villa embodying Bali's joyful and welcoming spirit

The villa features a single bedroom, a living room kitchenette and an additional room with a single bed. It also features a private pool and a terrace

Astounding 2BR in Umalas with Pool

Last but not the least. Best romantic getaway.

When minimalism and raw elements become one, that's when a beautiful white villa is created with a romantic mood & views of the rice fields that can be enjoyed from your private rooftop. Not only a view of the rice fields, but you can also see the sunset from the rooftop.

  • Private pool for relaxation

  • Well-equipped kitchenette and in-suite bathroom

  • Private rooftop for enjoying the breath-taking scenery

  • One-and-a-half-bedroom retreat with serene ambiance

  • Thoughtfully curated details for a romantic holiday in Bali

  • Inspired by neutral earth tones, minimalist design, and tropical décor

  • Minimalistic white villa with panoramic views of rice fields and sunsets

This unique one-and-a-half-bedroom villa is inspired by neutral earth tones, minimalist design, natural details, and tropical decor and plants that create a romantic holiday ambiance. A perfect way to enjoy life in Bali!

  • Free Parking

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Outdoor swimming pool

  • Daily housekeeping

  • Paddy Field and Pool view

  • Patio