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About Us

We unlock unique experiences, stories, destinations, slow travel and luxurious living.

We provide unique value in a crowded, often impersonal leisure travel space with slow travel

gaining popularity.

We are bridging the gap between the needs of the new age traveller at small, thoughtful, and intimate locations, ensuring the best inhouse service and value for money.

We offer remarkable experiences where talent combines with the opportunity to craft enduring memories in hospitality.

Our Story

With a wealth of hospitality experience, we recognized a void in the boutique space.

Every challenge became an opportunity, and with determination, resilience, and well-wishes, we embarked on the journey of "Aayan," meaning "God's gift or blessings."


We are proud to have successfully carved a unique path in the world of villas and resorts, redefining boutique hospitality. At Aayan, we see challenges as opportunities and aim to continue growing horizontally while staying true to our ethos of creating unforgettable experiences.

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"At Aayan Villas & Resorts, our commitment to excellence extends to our employees. We prioritize their well-being and growth, ensuring a fulfilling work experience that reflects in the exceptional service we provide to our guests."

What an exotic place! Quiet, peaceful, a wonderful place for relaxation meditation writing or artistry. Wonderful sunset. The Rooftop Terrace is a wonderfully peaceful beautiful view place to relax and hang out.
The Butler Service is great. Friendly people and very helpful. I would like more counter space in the bathroom, better place for hanging wet towels, and a few more hooks for hanging clothes in the bathroom.
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